The Lion King

Let’s talk about The Lion King! Everyone knows this very famous Disney movie about a pack of lions in Africa. The main character, Simba is the son of the King Mufasa. He is to take over as king after Mufasa has passed. However, this doesn’t quite take place the way it should. You see Simba’s uncle Scar wants the throne! In a story of twists and turns, you will be on the edge of your seat contemplating what will happen next.  


The original Lion King animated movie came out in 1994 and has since been made into two other animated movies, a live-action movie, and a Broadway play, which hit in 1997. The writers were inspired by Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, and the biblical stories of Joseph and Moses. It is the third longest running Broadway show.


If you enjoyed the original movie, then you will love the musical! It has the most beautiful artwork throughout the whole play and the characters’ costumes are all very unique. The makeup is spectacular, and the dancing and singing are wonderful. 


I remember going to New York City and seeing signs for The Lion King everywhere! If only I could have gone and saw the show. Hopefully, one day I can go back and get a chance to watch it for myself as it is on my must see list! If you haven’t seen any of the movies or the musical, then I suggest you add them to your must see list! The Lion King is truly a Disney classic!


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