The British Open

Have you ever heard of The British Open? It is also known as the Open Championship. It is a golf tournament held in the United Kingdom and is the world’s oldest golf tournament! The British Open was supposed to take place during July 16-19, 2020. Like so many things in 2020, due to Covid-19, the tournament was cancelled and will continue on July 11-18, 2021 in Kent, England.


The Open Championship is considered the fourth and last tournament of the year. The other three tournaments are The Masters, PGA Tournament, and The US Open. Did you know that it is called Open because all golfers are allowed to play? Both amateurs and professional golfers can play. Well, this is only in theory as amateurs must be invited or qualify through other tournaments in order to compete in the Open. 


Professional golfers that win The Open receive a cash prize, gold medal, the Golf Champions Trophy (until they have to give it back the next year), invitations to the Masters, PGA Championship, US Open and The Open and more. Winning the Open as an amateur does not mean getting prize money like the professionals. Instead, they receive a silver medal. Other amateurs receive a bronze medal for competing in the final round. 


The fun thing with there being so many golf tournaments is that you can travel all over the world for them. They could be held in the United States, Europe, Asia or other places! In my book, getting to see a sport you love and travel at the same time is the best of both worlds! If you ever get a chance to go to one of your favorite golf tournaments, do it!



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