Have you ever seen the cartoon animated movie Anastasia? It’s a great movie! It is about an orphan girl named Anya who is seeking to find out about her past and who her family is. Meanwhile she is getting chased by a sorcerer and former royal advisor named Rasputin, who is trying to kill her. She enlists the help of two guys, a con artist and an ex aristocrat to help her along the way. From there she learns about her past, family, and love. 

They have made this movie into a musical on Broadway. It revolves around the same plot line as the movie. There are of course some differences that the movie did not have in it such as 16 brand new songs, a new villain, and no supernatural elements. It originally premiered in May of 2016 in Hartford, Connecticut. It previewed on Broadway in March 2017 and officially in April 2017. As of March 2019, the show is no longer performed. 

I have always loved the movie Anastasia! I even used to have a little doll of Anastasia as a child. I think I actually still have it! Anyways, if you were lucky enough to get to see the play, I am a bit jealous. I would have loved to see it. Maybe one day it will come back to the stage. 

Personally, I have not seen many musicals or plays. I am definitely adding some to my bucket list! What is a show that you would like to see? Do you have a favorite show that you have already seen? If so, what is it? Is there a movie, tv show, or even a book that you would like to see performed live on stage? Let me know what it would be.



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