Mean Girls

“It’s so fetch!”

“Get in loser.”

“We’re going shopping.”

“She doesn’t even go here!”


Do any of you recognize these popular quotes? They are from Mean Girls! If you have never heard of, or seen, Mean Girls, where have you been? It is a teen comedy that came out in 2004. It is one of the most popular movies among young adults and said to have a cult following. 

It is about 16 year old, Cady Heron, who moved from Africa where she has been homeschooled her whole life to Illinois and now attends North Shore High School all while trying to fit in. It deals with mean girls, cliques, popularity, and friendships. I don’t want to give too many details away, but if you haven’t seen the movie, you definitely need to! 

Did you know that there is a Broadway musical play? It is based off of the movie and premiered on Broadway in 2018. A national tour of the play began in September 2019. With Covid-19 around, the national tour has been suspended until 2021. Hopefully, starting in mid January the tour will start back. 

We can’t wait for the day that Regina George, Cady Heron, Gretchen Wieners, and Karen Smith are back on stage. Until then, we can just watch them in the movie! 

If there is a Broadway play you want to see, let us know. We would love to help.    


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