Horses and Fashion

Hey everyone! Who loves animals? I know I do. Who loves horses? Again, I do! If you said yes to both those questions, then The Kentucky Derby is probably something that you love to watch or would love to attend. Who wouldn’t love getting all dressed up, watching horse racing, and betting on what horse will win the race? It would be quite an experience to be able to experience in person. 

The Kentucky Derby takes place the first Saturday of May each year in Louisville, Kentucky. Due to Covid-19 it was pushed back to September 5, 2020. As of right now, it looks like fans will be able to attend this event in the upcoming fall. However, that is subject to change due to the fluid situation that is Covid-19.

It appears the venue is taking many precautions in making sure the race will be safe for fans and employees. Masks are being enforced to wear. Sanitation areas will be available. Spacing for social distancing will be enforced including parking with shuttle buses.

Dressing for the event is such a fun time! It is all about fashion here, especially with the hats. Women wear bright colored, patterned dresses or jumpsuits with big fancy hat to match! The hat is the main focus so jewelry is usually kept simple. Flat shoes are recommended, but women also wear heels.   

Mens fashion is all about being bold and out there. The suits they wear are bright colored, with crazy patterns that stand out in the crowd. The pants are always a crowd stopper among the men. You can usually spot them a mile away! There are men that wear polished suits if that is more your style. Bow ties or neckties are a must. Men also wear hats, though nowhere near as crazy as the women’s. 

I don’t know about any of you all, but I would love to get to go to the Kentucky Derby. Maybe one day! Let us know if you are interested in attending this event. We would love to help!



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