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Hi everyone!!! My name is Katlyn Lillis, and I am the Development Manager at Elite Events & Tickets. Let me tell you all a little about me. I have been working at Elite since January 2018. That is 2.5 years! Weird to think I have been here that long. I like to travel and I plan to do some more traveling once Corona dies down or if they find a cure. I love to go to concerts. I have been to a bunch!!! A few artists I have seen are Miley Cyrus, Lady A, Luke Combs, Bebe Rexha, and 5SOS. Any chance I get to hang out with my family and friends I will as I always enjoy spending time with them.


A little background on our fearless leaders.

            Kevin McKerley, CEO and Owner, began Elite Events in 2011 by chance. He would take ONE WEEK vacation with his colleagues to park cars and sell hotdogs just down from the Augusta National. In 2011, he decided to bring on a long time family friend, Katelin Hendricks, and rent a van. They would transport patrons to and from the National. From there Elite Events was born.


In 2014, Kevin’s wife, Olivia left her long time career of teaching and embarked on a new journey as a travel agent specializing in Disney destinations. She worked as an agent for a reputable agency for two years, and in 2016, Olivia decided to bring the travel industry to Elite thus merging events and travel. She has since helped our travel agency soar along with earning accolades from our travel suppliers with a team of 16 travel agents operating under Elite Magical Travel!


In addition, 2016 was the year that Kevin struck gold bringing long time Master’s home renter, Aaron Fera, in to be our ticket guru. Aaron has been teaching for many years and would buy and sell tickets to numerous shows, concerts, and events as a side gig. With the collaboration of Kevin’s financial smarts and Aaron’s knowledge of the ticket world Elite Events became ELITE EVENTS & TICKETS!!!



A little about what we offer….



Elite offers hospitality for all major sporting and once in a lifetime events worldwide. Hospitality includes, but is not limited to, tickets to the events, lodging, transportation, catering, and more. When you book with us, we provide you with the number of tickets needed for you and your guests to attend the event. We find the lodging you desire as close to the event as possible. We offer private transportation for you and your guests to and from the event and anywhere else you may want to go. If you prefer private chefs or catering for your guests, we vet the best in the area and work with them to create the menu you crave. Our goal is to provide you with all the things you want while attending your dream event!!!



Elite has access to just about any and every ticket you would want to attend. You want a broadway show? ?????We got you! The biggest music tour out there? We got you! Want to see your favorite artist? ????We got you! Your favorite team is coming to town and you may never get the chance to see them again? ?We got you! Is that show that your child loves to watch that drives you crazy because you watch it 50,000 times everyday coming to a city near you? 

We got you! And the headache medicine!! LOL



Elite has a remarkable staff of travel agents that specialize in so many aspects of travel. From cruising in the beautiful blue waters to taking the family to the most magical place on Earth!! They have the inside scoop on all of it. Elite has earned the distinction of being an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner due to its dedication and earnings with Disney destinations, and the agents all receive training to keep them as knowledgeable as possible including certifications like Certified Sandals Specialists. 


Elite prides itself on being honest, reliable, trustworthy, and attentive. We aim to please!!! We want to share all that we offer with the world, whether through helping local or global organizations, as well as bring on people that want to dive into this fast-paced journey we have embarked on. 


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