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Commercial Popcorn Machine/Popper

For a commercial popcorn popper that can quickly produce bucket after bucket of fresh, buttery popcorn for hungry customers, this popcorn machine is the right choice!

  • Kettle makes 200 oz. of popcorn per hour, making it one of the most versatile poppers around
  • Quick and easy operation; cabinet can hold up to 65 ounces of popcorn; ideal for mid-level demand
  • Includes a popcorn scoop, measuring cups, and a removable crumb tray for convenience
  • Boasts a durable stainless steel frame, a stainless steel 12 oz. kettle, and 1360W of popping power
  • This high-powered commercial machine has a 12 oz. stainless steel kettle that only needs a few minutes to warm up
  • Optional – Add a 8oz or 10oz popcorn kit which includes pre-packaged kernels, oil, and seasoning
  • Optional – 1oz popcorn bags