Masters Home Listing FAQ

Renting your home in Augusta during Masters week allows homeowners to capitalize on the high demand for accommodations, often earning more than their monthly mortgage in just a few days.

Why rent with Elite?

We are an event company specializing in sporting events and concert tickets, tournament rentals, corporate functions, and large events. We have a dedicated client base who comes back year after year to work with us because they know that we provide excellent service. We are a concierge company. Clients come to us knowing that if they have a need during the tournament week, we can make it happen.

Steps to listing your home:

  1. Complete the 2025 Homeowner Tournament Week Listing Application via the Google Form HERE or submit the 2025 Homeowner Tournament Week Listing Application attachment provided HERE.
  2. Send your listing pictures to
  3. Pay your listing fee.
  4. Once your paperwork, fee, and pictures have been submitted, our team will create a listing. Once the listing is created, we will send you an email that you can proof for any errors or edits. We will then publish your listing.

Is there an application fee for listing my home with Elite?

Yes, $50. Here is the Venmo/PayPal information you can submit your payment via friends/family to:

  • To pay via Venmo (Kevin McKerley / @Kevin-McKerley):

  • To pay via PayPal (Aaron Fera /

  • You can also drop a check in the mail or by our office located at 317 UN Court Grovetown, GA 30813. Please make the check payable to Elite Events and Tickets, LLC.

How do I prepare my home for Masters guests?

Please click HERE for a Home Rental Checklist. This will show you the Elite expectation for minimum number of linens, towels, cleanliness, etc. Homes rented with Elite MUST have keypad access. We will list your home without a keypad, but if it is rented, you MUST have a keypad installed by February 1st, 2025.

We partner with Augusta Gift Baskets and can provide a welcome basket filled with local Augusta items to greet your guests upon their arrival. Reach out to them below and let them know Elite sent you!

What do I need to do to prepare my home for listing?

Before you start the process, make a detailed list of the rooms in your home, sizes of rooms, bathroom information, number of TV sets, how many people can be seated for a meal, special features and amenities, etc.

You’ll need high-resolution digital photos, under 4MB each, of each room/area of your home, as well as front and back exterior home shots, ready to upload. Having all the information and material at your fingertips makes the listing process easier.

We have a photography partnership with Ellie from The Pin Up Photographer. She is able to provide reviews for home staging, unlimited professional photos and a video to help get your home rented. Let her know Elite sent you!

How should I price my home? What about payment?

We do not take a percentage of the rental price. Our client pays you. We do not price houses for homeowners but recommend looking at other rental websites to see what a home similar in size, amenities, and location to yours rents for.

The pricing can be flexible, and we can make adjustments if you decide to go up or down on your asking rental rate. Homeowner payment will be divided into two payments. The first payment of 75% of the rental fee will be paid to the homeowner on February 1st, 2025. The second payment of 25% of the rental fee will be paid to the homeowner on April 21st, 2025.

Can I advertise space for additional beds in my Elite home listing?

Yes, if your home has space for an additional bed(s) in a room such as an office or a bonus room, please let us know. If you state on your listing form that you have room for an additional bed to be set up, you must own the bed or you can rent a bed from Elite for that space for $50 per contract day. It must be a bed with a frame/mattress/headboard. Air mattresses DO NOT count as additional beds.

How do I know my house is listed?

Once you have completed either the Google form or printed copy and sent in all pictures and submitted payment, Elite will email you confirmation that the house is in our inventory.

Is it ok to list with more than one rental agency?

Nothing prevents you from listing with more than one agency. However, if you rent your home through another agency, we ask that you let us know so we can mark your home as rented.

What about housekeeping?

All homes rented by Elite for tournament week 2025 will be required to use Elite housekeeping. Elite charges the clients for daily maid service and the return clean, so those are not items you will need to coordinate or pay for. Your home will need to be in rent ready condition upon guest check in.

Elite housekeeping will not do the initial clean, but we will send an Elite Ambassador to walk the home the day of check in. If the home does not meet Elite standards, we will send our housekeeping team to touch up or fully clean what is needed, and a bill will be sent to the homeowner.

The housekeeping division at Elite is dedicated to providing top notch service to clients and homeowners.

When do I have to be out of my home? When can I return?

We ask that you exit the home by 10AM on the first day your client arrives and can come back at 4PM on the day your client leaves.

Will I sign a contract?

Yes, contracts are sent out once the pricing has been agreed upon by both parties. Anna Mutimer – Director of Housing will be in contact when a client is interested in your home.
We are not responsible for any damages that may happen during that week, and we have the client sign a contract taking responsibility for any damages incurred during their stay.

What happens next?

If your home is rented by Elite, in February you will be required to fill out an additional form regarding home specifics (ex: Wi-Fi password, cleaning supply location, neighborhood policies, etc.), and you will be required to drop your keys off to the Elite office located at 317 UN Court Grovetown, GA 30813 by a specific date prior to the tournament week.

Will I need to have a home walkthrough?

We will have an Elite Ambassador do a walkthrough of your home about two months prior to tournament week. This walkthrough will help give Elite a better idea of the layout of your home, and they can answer any questions about the rental that you may have. If needed, Elite may schedule an additional walkthrough closer to the tournament week.