Want to Work With Us?

There are a few aspects that can make you a better and more profitable puller. Those aspects are:
  • Availability
  • Preparation
  • Organization
  • Decent hardware
  • High-speed Internet
  • Attention to detail
Things move fast when the time comes to pull tickets. You will need to know things like:
  • The URL of the show we’re pulling – could be on Ticketmaster, Live Nation, AXS, etc.
  • The passcode for the show – you need to have that handy so preparation is key
  • What sections/seats to focus on – be quick or seats will disappear right before your very eyes
  • Ticket prices – which may (and probably will) fluctuate while pulling
  • Ticket limit – how many do we want you to buy?

Tips on Becoming a Successful Puller

The first goal of becoming a successful puller is to be available and present. A majority of our pulls occur between 10:00am and noon EST, Monday through Friday. Tuesday through Thursday are our busiest days. One misconception people have is that they can pull tickets later in the day on their own schedule. For our company, that is a false assumption. You must be present at the pull times that we specifically designate.
Just because the pulling process begins at 10:00am EST (on most days), you will absolutely need to prepare beforehand. The night before each pull, you will receive an email detailing what shows we will be focusing on the next morning. And a majority of times there will be MULTIPLE shows to pull. So you need to prepare yourself ahead of time.
While it is entirely possible to only pull tickets from your cell phone, a desktop or laptop computer will provide better results. Having a reliable computer will allow you to focus on multiple shows at a time, multitask better, and use special software apps (you will learn about these during training).
In the ticket-pulling game, speed is key. So having a high-speed Internet connection can be the difference between pulling 4 tickets one day as opposed to 20.

Takeaway: This job is easy — as long as you’re prepared.

And we’re always here to help!