Become an Elite
Ticket Puller

Buy Concert and Sports Tickets for us and Get Paid

Job Benefits:

  • Work from home for no more than an hour or two a day. No weekends. No late nights.
  • For each ticket you buy, you will earn $5!
  • On some days you may be able to buy as many as 15 tickets — that’s $75 for a single day’s work
  • Get paid the following Monday for every ticket you purchased the week before — now that’s FAST $$$!

Ticket Broker Opportunities

Once you learn the process of being a puller, you may want to move up to being a ticket broker. Instead of making $5/tickets, you could make as much as 30% profit on EACH ticket you sell!

Fill out the contact form and we will send you information discussing the process of being a puller and how to eventually become a broker.