Become an Elite Location Manager!

We are in the business of providing memories to our clients

We are currently only hiring for residents of Illinois and Texas. Please do not apply at this time if you do not live in either of those states.

About Elite Events & Tickets

We pride ourselves on promoting and selling corporate VIP hospitality packages to the world’s most exclusive sporting events including the Masters, Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, and Ryder Cup.

We are also experts in the field of buying and selling tickets to any and all events. Join our dynamic team to be at the forefront of the event and ticket management scene!

Position: Administration/Location Manager
Salary: $30,000 starting salary + commission + bonuses

Buying/Selling Tickets:

  • Learn the basics of being a ticket puller
  • Consistently build your location’s ticket inventory
  • Understand the basics of our ticket management platform
  • Learn more advanced techniques for ticket pulling
  • Recruit new pullers for your location
  • Manage these new pullers during pulls
  • Increase your ticket inventory by adding season tickets for NFL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA
  • Recruit new ticket brokers for your location

Personal Strengths:

  • Display strong preparation and organizational skills
  • Exhibit meticulous attention to detail
  • Demonstrate proficiency in following instructions and managing team members
  • Possess excellent written communication skills for emailing potential clients
  • Possess top-notch interpersonal skills for direct communication via phone, video, etc

Event Sales:

  • Learn about the individual major events that we promote including the Masters, Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby and Ryder Cup.
  • Use various marketing methods/tools to promote events including cold email, social media, trade shows, online classifieds, and eBay.


  • Experience in administration or event management is preferred
  • Demonstrated ability in team leadership and people management
  • Some knowledge of digital marketing tools and methods
  • Tech-savvy with a strong grasp of Google Suite

Why Join Us?

  • Competitive salary package with added bonuses
  • Collaborative and dynamic work environment
  • Opportunity to work on grand events